Important Request for Input for FTA Ridership Web Page

Printer Friendly Number 2008-17

March 5, 2008


Mass Mailout Number III-2008-17


Subject:  Important Request for Input for FTA Ridership Web Page


Dear General Managers, Administrators and Transit Professionals:


As you may be aware, back in 2004 FTA successfully launched the “Innovative Practices to Increase Ridership” web page—see link:  The web page both allows transit properties to document their successful ridership innovations and users of the site to search a data base of case studies based on innovation type, area size, geographical location, or by keywords.  In developing the site, the goal was to bring together the most innovative practices that have been undertaken by transit operators across the nation together into a useful format.  We have much to learn from one another and this website helps in this information exchange.


Since the website was initially launched almost four years ago, we have received over 250 submissions of successful ridership innovations that FTA has made available to the public.  However, many of those case studies were submitted when the website was first initiated.  Anecdotally, we know that there have been many successful ridership initiatives implemented since 2004—however; we have not been as successful in capturing those more recent examples on our website.  Therefore, I am asking you to consider submitting recent examples of ridership innovations at your agency to the website, so others may learn from your innovative practices.  If you have already submitted material, please refresh the existing information, as appropriate.

To submit your case study, please go to and fill out the information requested on the two short screens.  We have listed ten major categories of innovation (along with sub-headings).  For example, if you believe that your ridership increases are due to innovative media advertising campaigns or partnerships with universities or innovative fare collection procedures, we would like a write-up on each of these innovations.  Please do not be shy or modest.  Please list all of the major innovations that have resulted in your ridership gains.  Note that even if overall ridership at your agency is down, but you believe the highlighted innovations improved ridership in one or more areas, along certain routes or corridors, or with a specific demographic group, we are interested in that as well.  Likewise, if you believe that your intervention stemmed an otherwise inevitable ridership loss, say in the case of a fare increase or economic decline in the region, that is significant too.

Increasing Transit Ridership continues to be an important Performance Goal for the Federal Transit Administration.  Thank you for your assistance in this most important effort.

If you have any questions, please call your appropriate Program Manager from the Region III Office at (215) 656-7100.


Please feel free to distribute this throughout your organizations as appropriate.





Letitia A. Thompson

Regional Administrator