Federal Register Publication - National Transit Database: Rural Reporting Manual

Printer Friendly Number 2007-117

December 11, 2007


Mass Mailout Number III-2007-117


Subject:  Federal Register Publication - National Transit Database:  Rural Reporting Manual


Dear Transit Colleague:


FTA issued a Federal Register Publication on December 6, 2007 concerning the National Transit Database (NTD):  Rural Reporting Manual.  This notice announces the availability of the FTA NTD Rural Reporting Manual.  The Rural Manual provides complete details as to FTA’s implementation of annual requirements through reporting to the Rural NTD Module.  This notice provides the responses to the comments received from the Federal Register (72 FR 17564) dated September 5, 2007 and announces the availability of the final 2007 Rural Manual.


The publication is included as an attachment to this email or it can be retrieved at http://edocket.access.gpo.gov/2007/pdf/E7-23632.pdf .


For further information please contact from FTA Headquarters in Washington, DC:

John D. Giorgis, Office of Budget and Policy, (202) 366-5430 or john.giorgis@dot.gov, for program issues
Richard Wong, Office of the Chief Counsel, (202) 366-0675 or richard.wong@dot.gov, for legal issues

Please feel free to distribute this throughout your organization as appropriate.





Letitia A. Thompson

Regional Administrator