FTA Customers Should Now Utilize the Treasury Pay.Gov Collection System for the Return of Monies to FTA

Printer Friendly Number 2007-97

October 16, 2007


Mass Mailout Number III-2007-97


Subject:  FTA Customers Should Now Utilize the Treasury Pay.Gov Collection System for the Return of Monies to FTA


Dear Transit Colleague:


In the past, grantees and vendors wishing to return or refund monies to FTA would forward the funds to a FTA account established at Mellon Bank.  The FTA Mellon Bank account was officially closed on September 30, 2007.  Grantees and vendors who owe funds to FTA must now utilize the new Treasury Pay.Gov Collection System.


While FTA and Mellon Bank are still transitioning from the receipt of paper checks to the automated Treasury Pay.Gov Collection System, Mellon Bank is forwarding all paper checks from Grantees and Vendors to the FTA Office of Accounting in Washington, DC.  Mellon Bank has requested that FTA notify grantees and vendors that the FTA account with Mellon Bank has been officially closed!  At some point Mellon Bank will begin returning the checks to the sender.  FTA does not want that to happen.  Grantees and Vendors who wish to return funds to FTA, must now utilize the Treasury Pay.Gov Collection system.


Grantees who wish to initiate refunds by way of ECHO, can still continue to use ECHO to return overdrawn funds.  Pay.Gov should be used in lieu of paper checks.


To emphasize the implementation of Pay.Gov, FTA has included all of the information about Pay.Gov into the newly drafted FTA Grants Management Circular 5010 that is being circulated for comments.  This information will be posted on the ECHO web site and the FTA Contracting Officers will provide this information to individuals closing out contracts with vendors.


If you have any questions regarding the Pay.Gov processes, please contact your appropriate Program Manager in the Region III Office at (215) 656-7100 or from FTA Headquarters in Washington, DC, Edith McLamore-Shelton at (202) 366-0297 or Sylvia Davis at (202) 366-6105.


Thank you for your cooperation in the implementation of this E-Gov Initiative.


Please feel free to distribute this throughout your organization as appropriate.





Letitia A. Thompson

Regional Administrator