New Starts Project Development Process - Fact Sheets

Printer Friendly Number 2007-85

September 26, 2007


Mass Mailout Number III-2007-85


Subject:  New Starts Project Development Process - Fact Sheets


Dear Transit Colleague:


FTA wanted to inform you of the availability on the FTA New Starts Website of a series of one page "fact sheets" on the new starts project development process (  The fact sheets are intended for a broad audience, and serve to explain key components of the new starts program.  While this first series of fact sheets focuses on the project development process - alternatives analysis, preliminary engineering, final design, full funding grant agreement - FTA intends to periodically issue fact sheets on a number of other new starts (and small starts) topics, all in an effort to convey the key principles and requirements of the program, FTA new starts policies, and the technical effort necessary to plan and develop major transit capital investment projects.  FTA hopes that these fact sheets are useful to you.  Thank you for working with FTA to implement well-justified federal investments in public transportation throughout the country.





Letitia A. Thompson

Regional Administrator