FY 2008 Annual DBE Goal Letter

Printer Friendly Number 2007-50

June 18, 2007


Mass Mailout Number III-2007-50


Subject:  FY 2008 Annual DBE Goal Letter


Dear Transit Colleague:


As you may be aware, the Department pf Transportation's Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program requires FTA grant recipients, who will let $250,000 or more in FTA-assisted contracts (exclusive of transit vehicle purchases), to have a DBE program.  If the grantee meets these requirements, it is required to submit an annual DBE goal to the FTA Civil Rights Officer in each region for review by August 1st every year the grantee meets the threshold.


Attached is a reminder letter from FTA’s Civil Rights Office in Washington that the regions have been asked to send to our grantees.  For additional information please contact Deborah Haines, Regional Civil Rights Officer at (215) 656-7255, email Deborah.haines@dot.gov or Nick Coates, Washington, DC at (202) 366-0808, email Nicholas.coates@dot.gov.


Please distribute this information throughout your organization as appropriate.





Herman C. Shipman

Deputy Regional Administrator