Warning: Procurement Scam

Printer Friendly Number 2007-46

May 15, 2007


Mass Mailout Number III-2007-46


Subject:  Warning:  Procurement Scam


Dear Transit Colleague:


This email is a warning of a Procurement Scam that FTA wishes to bring to your attention.


A subrecipient to a grantee of the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT), Development Services of Northwest Kansas, Inc. (DSNWK), received the attached (2 page) document by fax and they were concerned with it being a scam.  The email fax was sent to FTA Headquarters who determined that it was indeed a scam.  There was a previous e-mail from another FTA Regional office with the same issue and the name “Jason Scarlett” being used in the scam letter.


If this or a similar fax is received by your organization, please contact your Program Manager in the Region III Office and they will forward the information to FTA Headquarters for follow-up.


Please feel free to distribute this throughout your organization as appropriate.





Herman C. Shipman

Acting Regional Administrator