Patricia Kampf's Retirement

Printer Friendly Number 2007-41

May 3, 2007


Mass Mailout Number III-2007-41


Subject:  Patricia Kampf's Retirement


Dear Region III Colleague:


Region III will be losing another highly valued employee to retirement.  Patricia Kampf will retire from the Federal Transit Administration after 37 years of exemplary government service.  She has the distinguished claim to having more time with Region III than anyone else in the office, some 33 years.  In 1974, Pat was hired as one of the first regional employees to work in the pilot Region III office in Philadelphia.  She will be leaving us on Friday, June 1.


Currently, Pat is a member of the Office of Planning and Program Development.  During her career Pat has done much to enhance our ability to make grants electronically.  She is affectionately known in the office as the Queen of TEAM.  Under her leadership, FTA developed the first electronic grant making system and she has been involved in every iteration of that system thereafter.


Throughout her career, Pat has built lasting relationships with the transit community, Federal and State agencies, and many of the individuals who worked in FTA.  She began in an administrative capacity, worked her way up the ladder through project management and has touched nearly every aspect of project development.  She has worked at one time or another with almost every grantee in the region.  Her leadership, dedication, and commitment to excellence will be missed and hard, if not impossible, to replace.


We will greatly miss her knowledge of TEAM, project development, and her ability to work with anyone on anything that came up.  However, on a very personal note, her FTA family will simply miss her.


A retirement luncheon is being planned for Pat on June 4, 2007.  For additional information on her luncheon, you may contact Karen Roscher at 215-656-7002, or by email at  If you have any memories or pictures, please send them to Karen.


In order to ensure a smooth transition for our grantees, we have redistributed the program development activities for Virginia to Tony Cho, who can be reached at 215-656-7250 or at  Many of you in Virginia have been working with Tony as the transition has already begun.


We wish Pat well at this very exciting time in her life as she and her family relocate to Florida and start a new chapter in their lives.  Please join me in congratulating Pat on her outstanding contributions to FTA and the transit community she has so aptly served, and wishing her well in retirement.


Please feel free to pass this along to individuals in your organization that know Pat.






Herman C. Shipman

Acting Regional Administrator