Federal Register Publication - Title VI Circular

Printer Friendly Number 2007-36

April 17, 2007


Mass Mailout Number III-2007-36


Subject:  Federal Register Publication – Title VI Circular


Dear Transit Colleague:


FTA issued a Federal Register Publication concerning the Title VI Circular.  It was published in the Federal Register on April 13, 2007 on pages 18732 through 18746.  This is a revised circular.  The purpose of this circular is to provide recipients and subrecipients of FTA financial assistance with guidance and instruction necessary to carry out the U.S. DOT’s Title VI regulations and to integrate into their programs and activities considerations expressed in the Department’s Order on Environmental Justice and Policy Guidance concerning recipients’ responsibilities to limited English proficient persons.  This notice can be retrieved online through the Department of Transportation Docket Management System, http://dms.dot.gov.  Click on simple search and enter docket number 23227 into the docket search area.


Attached for your information is a copy of an April 16, 2007, letter regarding the Title VI Circular from Michael Winter, FTA’s Director of the Office of Civil Rights, addressed to FTA grantees.


Please feel free to distribute this throughout your organization as appropriate.





Herman C. Shipman

Acting Regional Administrator