ARRA Public Transportation Apportionments, Allocations and Grant Program

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The “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, 2009” (Pub. L. 111–5; “ARRA”), signed into law by President Barack Obama on February 17, 2009, includes $8.4 billion for transit capital improvements. This notice implements the transit formula program related provisions of the ARRA and provides program and grant application requirements for these funds, to be made available through Federal Transit Administration (FTA) assistance programs. Additional notices will be published in the near future for the transit discretionary program provisions in the ARRA.

The ARRA provides new funding for public transportation capital projects. This legislation includes three separate capital investment programs for public transportation. The legislation presents both opportunities and responsibilities for those who provide public transportation throughout the United States.

The Federal Register notice (FRN),, does several things. First, it provides a summary of ARRA as it relates to public transportation programs. Second, the notice discusses in detail the FTA programs funded by the ARRA, including specific dollar amounts made available under ARRA for each program and program requirements for eligible projects. Third, the notice includes policies and requirements that apply to the ARRA funds, including general reporting requirements and specific application requirements for the different formula programs. Fourth, the notice includes tables that apportion funds distributed by formula. It does not allocate funds to New/Small Starts projects under the Capital Investment Grants program or make discretionary allocations for the transit energy program or the tribal transit program. FTA will issue subsequent notices addressing these programs. Finally, the FRN includes appendices covering application instructions and Questions and Answers.

The ARRA appropriates $6.9 billion for four separate grant programs in this category of funding. This notice covers only the funds apportioned by formula in two categories of funding: the urbanized area formula program and the non-urban formula program.

Complete grant applications must be submitted in Transportation Electronic Award Management (TEAM) System by July 1, 2009. FTA must reallocate certain unobligated funds by September 1, 2009. FTA Region 10 is requesting grant applications be entered into TEAM no later than May 15, 2009.

Please check the FTA Web site for updates and if you wish to register for automatic updates on ARRA information and guidance.

For further information, contact Region 10’s Rebecca Reyes-Alicea at (206) 220-7965 or email or Patricia Hendrix at (206) 220-4465 or email


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