Grants Management: Lapsing funds, Carry-Over Funds, 2009 Appropriations

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Region 10 Workload:  As you are aware we are anticipating both a Stimulus package and the passage of the 2009 appropriations act in the near future.  The possibility exists that these two appropriations may come very close together.  Consequently, we are concerned about meeting all of your grant processing needs within a short time span and are soliciting your cooperation in submitting your grants in the following time frame.  

Lapsing Funds:  In November we notified grantees that had funds that would lapse on September 30, 2009.  In that letter we requested that your application should be in TEAM and ready for FTA to review no later than February 27, 2009.  If you have not entered a review ready grant in the TEAM system please do so no later than February 27, 2009.
Carry-Over Funds and 2009 Appropriations:  Currently, we have a number of grantees that have not submitted grants for the 2008 and earlier appropriated funds that are not lapsing on September 30, 2009.  Please submit a grant for these 2008 and earlier funds by February 15, 2009. 

At this time, FTA has available 5/12 of the anticipated 2009 formula funds.  The funds available are:
1. 5303   -  Metropolitan Transportation Planning Program
2. 5304 -  Statewide Transportation Planning Program
3. 5307 -  Urbanized Area Program
4. 5309 -  Fixed Guideway
5. 5309 -  New Start
6. 5311 -  Rural Assistance Program
7. 5316 -  JARC
8. 5317 -  New Freedom

To expedite our grant processing for the 2009 appropriations, we request that you submit appropriate grants for 5/12 of the funding which we can award at this time.  Also in this grant submittal, please include an estimate for the 7/12 of unappropriated 2009 funds (note that the 5/12 funding was based on the prior years appropriation and the 7/12 may be more than 7/12 of last years appropriation) in the contingency budget under the contingency non-add scope.  See the attached budget for a sample of the contingency budget inclusion.   We will request the Department of Labor (DOL) to certify the whole project including the contingency activity.  When the 7/12 becomes available you will submit an amendment removing the contingency budget and including the correct amount in the active budget.  Your grant will not need to go back to DOL for recertification. 

Due to the timeline of each designated recipient in the JARC and New Freedom programs, you may not have the ability to structure these grants in the same way.  Therefore, submit these grants as soon as possible.

For further information, contact your Regional grant representative.  



R.F. Krochalis
Regional Administrator

Enclosure:  Contingency Budget Inclusion Sample