New Director for the Office of Planning and Program Development

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Please welcome Region 10ís new Director for the Office of Planning and Program Development, Rebecca Reyes-Alicea. Rebecca reported back to Region 10 this month after working in Region 2 for three years.

Her recent assignments focused on planning and project development projects in New Jersey and New York and she took the lead on many environmental and New Starts projects. When Rebecca worked in Region 10 she managed projects in our four states and was the primary contact for the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington urban area.

Rebecca received her Bachelorís degree from the New Mexico State University in Urban Planning with a minor in Management and participated in professional development programs with the Seattle Federal Executive Board, Seattle University and New York Universityís Rudin Center.

Included with this bulletin is our latest realignment of our staff organization. The most recent version of our organizational chart will always be available on our web site under Region 10ís profile on the right-hand side.

Please contact the main phone number 206-220-7954 and the Program Assistant will transfer you to the proper individual.


/s/ Linda Gehrke for

R.F. Krochalis
Regional Administrator

Enclosure:  Organizational Chart