Travel Forecasting for New/Small Starts Workshops

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In September 2007, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) sponsored a national workshop in St. Louis, MO on travel forecasting for New Starts projects that was attended by over 90 travel-forecast specialists. The presentations for the September 2007 workshop—as well as the June 2006 workshop in Minneapolis, MN--are available at FTA’s web site:

We are offering two free workshops that will continue to build upon best travel forecasting practices for the New and Small Starts planning and development process. The agenda for each will be similar, and should enable more interaction by having fewer attendees at each. If you find these events enjoyable, we don’t want to restrict your fun: you can attend both!

The western U.S. workshop will be held in Phoenix, Arizona at the Radisson Hotel Phoenix City Center from March 3rd (starting 2:00 p.m.) to March 5 (ending 12:30 p.m.). The room rate is the federal per diem of $150 per night. We have 30 rooms reserved for Tuesday night and 25 reserved for Wednesday night. Registration for the Phoenix workshop can be made at:

The eastern U.S. workshop will be held in Tampa, Florida at Embassy Suites Tampa Downtown Convention Center from March 23rd (starting 2:00 p.m.) to March 25th (ending 12:30 p.m.). The room rate is the federal per diem of $127 per night. We have 30 rooms reserved for Monday night and 25 reserved for Tuesday night. Registration for the Tampa workshop can be made at:

If you have any questions about logistics for either of these workshops, please do not hesitate to contact our consultant, Susanna Anthony of Planners Collaborative, at 671-338-0018 ext.10 or

The afternoon of the first day of each workshop (Tuesday in Phoenix and Monday in Tampa) will be devoted to an overview and applications of FTA’s reporting software called Summit. The formal conference begins the next day, and is expected to include the following topics:

These workshops have proved to be valuable opportunities for attendees to learn insights from FTA staff as well as project sponsors and their consultants. As in the past FTA staff will be presenting but we have found that the workshops are best when we have other presenters as well. If you have experience you’d like to share (at one or both workshops) on these topics, or if you think other topics should be added, please contact Ken Cervenka, email or at 202-493-0512.

Please note that these workshops are intended for technical staff who specialize in the development of travel models and the preparation of travel forecasts. The discussions will focus on technical issues, emerging methods, and detailed procedures for quality control. Project managers and planning staff from sponsoring agencies, metropolitan planning organizations, and consulting firms should attend other New Starts outreach sessions – including the one-day workshops on the New and Small Starts programs and the three-day course on alternatives analysis.

For further information, contact Region 10’s John Witmer at (206) 220-7964 or email


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