FHWA/FTA Summer 2008 Workshops Advancing Management and Operations and the Congestion Management Process in Metropolitan Transportation Planning (Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia, Denver, Providence, Atlanta)

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The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) are teaming up to hold six regional workshops geared toward promoting integration between transportation systems management and operations and the metropolitan transportation planning process. The Congestion Management Process (CMP), which is required by SAFETEA-LU in large metropolitan areas (TMAs), is an important means for advancing these management and operations (M&O) strategies.

The workshops will provide transit and highway planning and operations professionals the opportunity to discuss the importance of a regionally coordinated objectives-driven, performance-based approach to operations, and how to reap full benefits from improved operational efficiencies. Using Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) as the enabling technology and metropolitan planning as the institutional framework, a truly collaborative approach can be achieved.

The workshops will showcase current good practices by metropolitan areas of all sizes that are utilizing the approaches recommended in the M&O and CMP interim guidebooks. Additionally, the workshops will solicit ideas and feedback on interim guidebooks recently published by FHWA and FTA. These guidebooks are designed to facilitate implementation of the objectives-driven, performance-based approach by metropolitan planning partners in planning for operations.

The workshops will be held from 9am 5pm in the following cities.

PLEASE NOTE: The Seattle workshop will be held at the Puget Sound Regional Council, 1011 Western Avenue, Suite 500, Seattle WA 98104; 206-464-7090.

 Location  Date
 Seattle  Thursday, July 31
 Chicago  Thursday, August 7
 Philadelphia  Tuesday, August 12
 Denver  Thursday, August 14
 Providence  Tuesday, September 9
 Atlanta  Tuesday, September

To register, please use the attached registration materials, or go to: http://plan4operations.dot.gov/workshops/fhwa_fta_summer08/index.htm. The workshops are free of charge however space is limited. For additional information, please contact John Sprowls, USDOT/FTA, Office of Planning and Environment, at (202) 366-5362, email john.sprowls@dot.gov.



Linda M. Gehrke
Deputy Regional Administrator

Resource Links:

-- Workshop Flyer: http://plan4operations.dot.gov/workshops/fhwa_fta_summer08/flyer.htm
-- Registration Form: http://plan4operations.dot.gov/workshops/fhwa_fta_summer08/int_form.htm
-- An Interim Guidebook on the CMP in Metropolitan Transportation Planning: http://www.ops.fhwa.dot.gov/publications/cmpguidebook/cmpguidebook.pdf
-- Management & Operations in the Metropolitan Transportation Plan: A Guidebook for Creating an Objectives-Driven, Performance-Based Approach: http://www.ops.fhwa.dot.gov/publications/moguidebook/moguidebook.pdf