Region 10 Staff Changes and Updated Organization Chart

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The Federal Transit Administrationís Region 10 Seattle Office, covering areas in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, is pleased to announce the realignment of our staff.

I. Rick Krochalis, Regional Administrator, 206-220-7954

II. Linda Gehrke, Deputy Regional Administrator, 206-220-4463

III. Vacant, Director, Office of Planning and Program Development
A. Ned Conroy, Community Planner, 206-220-4318
B. Patricia Hendrix, Transportation Program Specialist, 206-220-4465
C. Bill Ramos, Community Planner, 206-220-4319
D. Elizabeth Sier, Transportation Program Specialist, 206-220-7956
E. John Witmer, Community Planner, 206-220-7964

IV. Kenneth Feldman, Director, Office of Operations and Program Management, 206-220-7521
A. Amy Changchien, Regional Engineer, 206-220-4464
B. Annette Le, Community Planner, 206-220-4461
C. Thomas Radmilovich, Community Planner, 206-220-7953
D. Steve Saxton, Transportation Program Specialist, 206-220-4311
E. Max Sevareid, Resident Intern, 206-220-7538
F. Vacant, Engineering Technician, 206-220-7954

V. Carrie Deichl, Manager, Environmental Office (Contractor), 206-220-4307
A. Vacant, Environmental Assistant, 206-220-7954
B. Vacant, Environmental Assistant, 206-220-7954

VI. Monica McCallum, Equal Opportunity Specialist, 206-220-4462

VII. Theodore Uyeno, Legal Counsel, 206-220-7958

VIII. Administrative Support:
A. Hattie Wood, Administrative Officer, 206-220-7951
B. Deborah Ensor, Administrative Program Assistant, 206-220-7950
C. Vacant, General Clerk, 206-220-7954

Our mailing address is:
Federal Transit Administration
Region 10
Jackson Federal Building
915 2nd Avenue, Room 3142
Seattle, WA  98174
Main Phone 206-220-7954
Fax 206-220-7959

Please contact the main phone number and the Program Assistant will transfer you to the proper individual. The most recent version will always be available on our website under Region 10ís profile.


/s/ Linda Gehrke for

R.F. Krochalis
Regional Administrator


Enclosure: Organization Chart