New Tribal Transportation Planning Tools Available Online

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The purpose of this bulletin is to announce that two new online tribal transportation planning modules prepared by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) are currently available. These are part of a six module series, “Transportation Decision Making Information Tools for Tribal Governments:”

The two new modules are:

Developing the Tribal Transportation Improvement Program Module - FHWA-HEP-08-003 - - This module provides definitions and legal references for each of the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) documents (Tribal TIP [TTIP], Indian Reservation Roads TIP, metropolitan TIP, and Statewide TIP). It also presents an overview of how the TTIP is developed, and identifies all applicable stakeholders and their related processes.

Tribal Transportation Funding Resources - FHWA-HEP-08-006 - - The Tribal Transportation Funding Resources module identifies the funding programs and strategies that will assist Tribal governments with their transportation planning. The information should be used as a reference guide that contains detailed information on 36 different federal funding transportation programs and the eligibility criteria for each of them. To the list of resources noted in this website, you also should be aware of the “Public Transportation on Indian Reservations (Section 5311(c))” program. This program provides for both planning and capital/operating. The link is at

Also, the module, Transportation Decision Making Information Tools for Tribal Governments: Developing a Long Range Transportation Plan Module - FHWA-HEP-05-053 - - is also available online.

These modules can be accessed from the “Topic Areas” tab on the Tribal Planning website:

Three additional modules, Public Participation, Introduction to Planning, and Data Collection, will be available online later this fiscal year.

For further information, contact Bill Ramos in our Region 10 office at 206-220-4319 or email


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