FTA Administrator's Award for Outstanding Public Service in Rural Public Transportation

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The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) invites your nominations of rural transit systems to be considered for the FTA Administrator’s Award for Outstanding Public Service in Rural Public Transportation. The awards will be presented at the 18th National Conference on Rural Public and Intercity Bus Transportation Partnerships for Progress in Rural Transportation, sponsored by the Transportation Research Board (TRB), on October 19-22, 2008 in Omaha, Nebraska.

Any local rural transit provider receiving assistance under Section 5311 may be nominated, with the exception of past recipients of the award. The State, transit provider, or the regional office may make nominations. FTA also will accept self-nominations; however, FTA encourages letters of support from the State Transit Association, the State Department of Transportation (DOT), and/or Tribal governments. The first criterion for this year’s nominations is a rural system that has established unique partnerships with two or more rural/urban community agencies, operators, or systems to meet their service area mobility needs. The second criterion is demonstrating how these partnerships have improved efficiencies such as customer service, response time, and ridership. Each applicant should address both criteria. FTA is especially interested in the methodology used to measure the progress made by the coordination efforts.

Award recipients will be expected to attend the National Conference where they will be honored and will have an opportunity to share the secrets of their success with other conference attendees.

The nominations must include the following information:
• System’s formal name, operating name (if different), address, contact person, and phone number
• Identification of the person who will represent the system at the rural conference (name, title, address, phone number, fax, email)
• Brief (not to exceed two pages) background information about the system (for example: history, service area and operating characteristic, fleet size, operating statistics, annual budget and Section 5311 funding)
• Brief (not to exceed two pages) description of the accomplishments deserving national recognition (explain how the partnerships established by the rural agency have improved efficiencies in the rural service, customer service, response time, and ridership)

Letters of support and marketing materials may be attached. Send five copies of the nomination and supporting material to your regional office, clearly marked AWARD NOMINATION by April 15, 2008. Region 10’s address is Federal Transit Administration Region 10, 915 2nd Avenue, Ste 3142, Seattle, WA  98174.

The regional office will make recommendations to headquarters. Upon receipt, the FTA Awards Committee, including State DOT and operator representatives, will review the nominations and make final recommendations to the Administrator. Recipients will be notified prior to the conference, but nominees should be planning to attend.

For more information, please check out TRB’s web site: http://www.trbruralconference.org/.

This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the great transportation systems in your area. If you have any questions, please contact Region 10’s Ned Conroy at 206-220-4318, or email ned.conroy@dot.gov.



R.F. Krochalis
Regional Administrator