Region 10 Contacts and Grant Processing

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The purpose of this bulletin is to provide current information on your initial contact person at the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Region 10. Due to various organizational changes over the past year, FTA has made staff reassignments. Consequently, to assist you with information or questions regarding FTA programs and projects, or for assistance prior to starting a new grant application, we are enclosing a matrix in this bulletin (see page 3) which lists the FTA contact person for each of our grantees.

Please note, however, that in order to manage fluctuating workloads, we will not always be able to assign a specific grant to the FTA contact for that particular grantee. You may have someone else processing a grant for you other than your FTA contact listed below. Our intent, when doing so, will be to assign your grant to someone whose schedule at the time would facilitate the most expeditious processing of your grant. After that assignment, the grant processor will be your contact for all issues pertaining to that grant.

We recognize that many of you have worked with various members of our Region 10 staff, not only on processing grants but also with specific program or functional areas. For example, many of you have worked with Elizabeth Sier on issues relating to the technical aspects of Transportation Electronic Award Management System (TEAM). Similarly, some of you may have worked with Annette Le on Electronic Clearing House Operation (ECHO) payment post-approval issues; or, you may have worked with Ned Conroy on planning issues. Our designation of an initial FTA contact person is not intended to preclude your continuing to work directly with a program or functional area specialist. Rather, the purpose of assigning you an initial contact person is to ensure you always have someone to go to directly for information about a particular program or functional area, or when you are ready to begin the processing of a grant.

We also are providing the following information to facilitate the expeditious processing of your grants:

1. When entering your grant into TEAM, please leave the name of the FTA Project Manager blank. This will facilitate the processing of your grant in two ways. First, it will ensure that when we go into TEAM to look for new grant applications, we can quickly determine which ones have just come in and are ready for assignment to a grant processor. Second, it will ensure that the correct grant processor’s name gets entered, thus precluding any misunderstanding as to who will be handling that grant.

2. When you have completed a new grant application or amendment in TEAM, go into the Comments/Concurrence screen and check the dialogue box “Ready for Proj # Assignment” which can be found under the Application Status option on that screen (see below for a picture of that TEAM screen). This will change the status in the system and let us know you have completed the application.

3. The assigned grant processor’s name will be entered in the FTA Project Manager box. The assigned processor will contact you within five days of the grant assignment. After that assignment, the grant processor will be your contact for all issues pertaining to that grant.

Should you have any questions regarding this information, please feel free to contact Dave Leighow at (206) 220-7965 or email to



R. F. Krochalis
Regional Administrator


FTA Region 10 Grantee Contact Person Assignments

FTA Contact Person: Contact Person for:
1 Acronyms are defined in footnote at the bottom of this page.

Amy Changchien
(206) 220-4464

AK (includes AKDOT-Marine only; excludes the rest of AKDOT, MPOs, Anchorage Muni)

Annette Clothier
(206) 220-4461

Western WA (except Central Puget Sound*); Salem, OR

Ned Conroy
(206) 220-4318
MPOs; Municipality of Anchorage; State DOTs (Planning, including TIP/STIP)
Ken Feldman
(206) 220-7521

Sound Transit (NS only); TriMet (NS only)

Pat Hendrix
(206) 220-4465
Sound Transit (except NS); City of Seattle
Tom Radmilovich
(206) 220-7953
Lane Transit; Portland/Vancouver UZA (excludes C-Tran); Kitsap; WSF
Bill Ramos
(206) 220-4319
Eastern WA** (except Spokane); OR--rural and small urban; ATPPL; TTPs
Steve Saxton
(206) 220-4311
C-Tran (Vancouver); Intercity Transit (Olympia); Kelso-Longview, WA
Elizabeth Sier
(206) 220-7956
Idaho (except Boise NS); State DOTs (5310,5311,5316,5317)
John Witmer
(206) 220-7964
Spokane; Boise New Starts; JARC; NF; Central Puget Sound (except Kitsap, WSF, Sound Transit, and City of Seattle)

*Central Puget Sound consists of King, Kitsap, Pierce and Snohomish Counties.

**Eastern Washington consists of all counties in Washington except the following: Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish, King, Pierce, Thurston, Lewis, Cowlitz, Clark and all counties west of those just named (from Wahkiakum in the south to Clallam in the north).

1 ACRONYMS:  AK—Alaska; AKDOT—Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities; ID—Idaho; OR—Oregon; WA—Washington; WSF—Washington State Ferries; DOT—Department of Transportation; MPO—Metropolitan Planning Organization; TIP—Transportation Improvement Program; STIP—Statewide Transportation Improvement Program; UZA—Urbanized Area; ATPPL—Alternative Transportation in Parks and Public Lands; ITS—Intelligent Transportation Program; TTP—Tribal Transit Program; NS—New Starts; JARC—Job Access Reverse Commute; NF—New Freedom