FY 2008 Certifications and Assurances

Printer Friendly Number 2007-47


SUBJECT: FY 2008 Certifications and Assurances

PROGRAM AREAS: Grants; Legal

DATE: October 26, 2007

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The FY 2008 Certifications and Assurances (C&As) was published in the Federal Register on October 25, 2007.  You may access the register on our website http://www.fta.dot.gov under the Legislation, Regulations and Guidance topic. 

The direct link to the Federal Register is http://www.fta.dot.gov/laws/leg_reg_federal_register.html.

The C&As are binding legal commitments for the applicant to comply with Federal law and regulations.  The C&As apply to all FTA programs, including Tribal Transit and Over the Road grants.  The twenty-four categories in the C&As may be needed for all projects that will be awarded to you in the Federal Fiscal Year (October 2007-September 2008).  A 2008 C&A is required for a grant application that was started in FFY07 but will be awarded in FFY08. 

The C&As execution is electronic through the TEAM system.  The 2008 C&As are not currently in the TEAM system but will be uploaded within a few days.   The basic process is to check the boxes that apply to the funding sources you will be applying for in FFY08 and have the designated personnel PIN the C&A in TEAM.  There are two PINNING actions needed to execute the C&As: in TEAM they are displayed as the Official’s Name and the Attorney’s Name.  The Offical MUST PIN before or on the same day as the Attorney.  If the Attorney PINs before the Official we will not accept the C&A and you will need to PIN the signatures again.

To PIN the Certifications and Assurances in the TEAM system:

1.   Have your Official log into TEAM with their unique user name and password. This official will have been provided with a PIN Number, and the authority to use it.
2.   Click Recipients to open the Query Recipients screen.
3.   Enter your recipient ID, or all or part of your recipient name.
4.   Click Submit Query to locate your record.
5.   From the left menu, click View/Modify Recipient. This opens the Recipient record for editing.
6.   Click on the third tab in the window, entitled "Cert's & Assurances." Review each of the certifications under each category. The text is viewable under the yellow "Text" icon on the right.
7.   For each category, you must check either Applicable or N/A.
8.   In order to sign off on your selections, please have the Official enter their PIN number in the box at the bottom, and click the green CERTIFY button.
9.   Once the Official has entered their PIN, he/she must exit TEAM  and the Attorney must log on – following steps 1-6 above, with the Attorney’s individual user name and password and enter the Attorney PIN and again click on the CERTIFY button to complete the process.
10. If the Official has the rights to PIN as both Official and Attorney, once he/she enters the PIN, the process is completed.

Please contact Pat Hendrix at (206) 220-4465, if you have questions concerning this notice.



R. F. Krochalis
Regional Administrator