FHWA Request for Applications for Integrating Transportation and Resource Planning to Develop Ecosystem Based Infrastructure Projects

Printer Friendly Number 2007-20

U.S. Department
of Transportation
Federal Transit



SUBJECT:   Eco-Logical: An Ecosystem Approach to Developing Infrastructure Projects


DATE:  May 11, 2007

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The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) expects to issue the FY 2007 Request for Applications (RFA) for “Integrating Transportation and Resource Planning to Develop Ecosystem Based Infrastructure Projects” in April 2007.

The multi-agency publication Eco-Logical encourages Federal, State, tribal, and local partners to integrate environmental solutions and goals into planning for infrastructure development. Eco-Logical puts forth the conceptual groundwork for integrating environmental and infrastructure plans across agency and geographical boundaries, and endorses ecosystem-based mitigation approaches to compensate for unavoidable impacts caused by infrastructure projects.

The ecosystem approach to infrastructure development as outlined in Eco-Logical consists of restoring, creating, enhancing, and preserving habitat and other ecosystem features in conjunction with or in advance of projects in areas where environmental needs and the potential environmental contributions have been determined to be greatest. Ecosystem-based mitigation extends existing compensatory mitigation options by offering a way to evaluate alternatives for off-site mitigation and/or out-of-kind mitigation in the ecologically most important areas as defined by interagency partners and the public. The approach shifts the Federal government’s traditional focus from individual jurisdictions and actions to a larger focus of multiple agencies within the larger natural ecosystem. The overall goals of the ecosystem approach to mitigation and Eco-Logical are: conserve larger, scarce, multi-resource ecosystems; increase habitat connectivity; improve predictability in environmental review and regulatory processes; provide better public involvement to improve transparency and establish greater credibility; and streamline infrastructure planning and development. 

Applications will be due 45 days after the RFA is issued. First time users of www.grants.gov are encouraged to begin the registration process now. Applicants will need a DUNS # from Dun and Bradstreet and to be registered with the Central Contractor Registry (CCR).Selected projects will establish or assist in the efforts to conduct an integrated planning effort and develop ecosystem-based approaches for transportation projects as outlined in Eco-Logical: an Ecosystem Approach to Developing Infrastructure Projects. This document is available at http://www.environment.fhwa.dot.gov/ecological/eco_index.asp.

Applications must be submitted via www.grants.gov by Friday, June 22, 2007 by 5 pm EST. For additional information about this solicitation please visit http://www.grants.gov/search/search.do?oppId=13223&mode=VIEW and click on "How to Apply."

For further information, please contact Linda Gehrke at 206-220-4463, or email linda.gehrke@dot.gov.



R.F. Krochalis
Regional Administrator