National Transit Institute’s Planning & Environmental Courses Available for Registration

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SUBJECT:      National Transit Institute’s Planning & Environmental Courses Available for Registration

PROGRAM AREAS: Planning, Environmental

DATE: November 30, 2006

The National Transit Institute (NTI) is presenting the following free courses available for registration:

Introduction to Transportation Conformity course will present basic information about conformity requirements and the relationship of the transportation and air quality planning processes in order to prepare agency staff (federal, state and local) to participate in interagency consultation and work effectively in resolving conformity issues. Please follow this link and register on line.

Public Involvement in Transportation Decision Making course is much more than posting notices and holding public hearings. Public participation involves creative thinking, with willingness and ability to interact openly to the public’s preferred forms of communication. It is about being sensitive to disparate needs and conflicting priorities. It is about giving the public an opportunity to influence transportation decision making. This course “walks the talk” by employing public involvement techniques as the means of conveying the key learning outcomes. It is a joint effort among Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) Office of Planning, NTI, the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Office of Planning, and the National Highway Institute (NHI) and was recently updated to reflect changes in the Federal Transportation reauthorization. Please follow this link and register on line.

Transportation and Land Use is a three-day course that is designed to help practitioners develop a multimodal transportation system that supports desired land uses and help shape land uses to support the transportation system. The course will assist participants in understanding the relationships between transportation and land use; the processes through which transportation and land use issues can be jointly addressed; and implementation steps to ensure that transportation and land use systems are designed in a compatible, mutually supportive manner. The course is targeted towards a diversity of participants, including planning and engineering staff at state, regional, local, and federal transportation agencies; local planning staff and officials; staff of other resource agencies; consultants for these agencies; and other stakeholders such as developers, citizen activists, and business leaders. Please follow this link and register on line.

The primary audience for these courses includes: transit operators, metropolitan planning organization staff, Federal employees (FTA, FHWA, and Environmental Protection Agency), state Department of Transportation planners and transportation specialists, city and county engineers and planners, resource agency staff and consultants. Secondary audience includes: elected officials, regulatory agency staff, local zoning officials, site designers, citizen activists, developers, media representatives, and business leaders.

Please contact Ned Conroy in the Region 10 office at 206-220-4318 or email if you have any questions.



R. F. Krochalis
Regional Administrator

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