New Real Estate Requirements Course

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SUBJECT:  New Real Estate Requirements Course


DATE:  September 29, 2006

The Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) Office of Engineering has developed a new course that is being offered through the National Transit Institute (NTI) titled “FTA Real Estate Requirements.” The course is intended for grantees that are or will be acquiring rights-of-way for their projects, regional personnel who have real estate as part of their oversight responsibility and for Project Management Oversight (PMO) contractors and their right-of-way consultants that want to learn more about FTA’s real estate program.

The course is scheduled to be 1.5 day(s) and will cover the practical application of the law and the other regulatory materials, hands-on experience in such areas as appraisals, appraisal review, negotiation, relocation, and the development of a Real Estate Acquisition Management Plan (RAMP) and Relocation Plan. Additionally, the course discusses non-Uniform Act issues such as in-kind contributions and donations.

Grantees will learn more about the attributes that contribute to a successful transit real estate acquisition program. A full description with dates, locations, and regional contacts for this course can be found at The NTI course coordinator is Ms. Myrna Sirleaf, 732-932-1700, ext. 228, The fee for consultants is $300.00.

If you are willing to host a class, please contact Ms. Sirleaf at NTI. If you are on the tentative schedule and have not confirmed your date please do so, otherwise your tentative date will be given to another host.

If you have any questions, please contact Ken Feldman at 206-220-7521, or email



R.F. Krochalis
Regional Administrator

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