Transportation Pooled Fund Program

Printer Friendly Number 2006-20


SUBJECT: Transportation Pooled Fund Program

PROGRAM: Planning

DATE:  July 26, 2006

The purpose of this message is to announce the opening of a mobile source air toxics (MSAT) study pooled fund program, and the State Planning and Research (SPR) and Metropolitan Planning (PL) funds match waiver. The MSAT Study is expected to improve and expand knowledge of the concentrations and dispersion of air toxics from highway vehicles. The benefits of learning more about MSAT are particularly significant given increased demand for MSAT evaluation in environmental decision-making documents, and ensuing lawsuits. 

Because of the benefits to the highway and environmental communitiesí body of knowledge that will result from improved MSAT data, States and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) may use State Planning and Research (SPR) and Metropolitan Planning (PL) funds without match for the purpose of expanding our understanding of MSAT concentrations and physical behavior. States and MPOs can find out more about the MSAT study at (Solicitation Number 1124).

For further information about this, you may contact Kevin N. Black at or 410-962-2177.



R. F. Krochalis
Regional Administrator

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