Transit Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment Guidance Manual, May 2006

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SUBJECT:  Transit Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment Guidance Manual, May 2006

PROGRAM AREA: Environment

DATE: July 20, 2006

The Transit Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment Guidance Manual, issued in May 2006, is the second edition of a guidance manual originally issued in 1995 which presents procedures for predicting and assessing noise and vibration impacts of proposed mass transit projects. All types of bus and rail projects are covered. Procedures for assessing noise and vibration impacts are provided for different stages of project development, from early planning before mode and alignment have been selected through preliminary engineering and final design. Both for noise and vibration, there are three levels of analysis described. The framework acts as a screening process, reserving detailed analysis for projects with the greatest potential for impacts while allowing a simpler process for projects with little or no effects.

The manual contains noise and vibration impact criteria that are used to assess the magnitude of predicted impacts. A range of mitigation measures are described for dealing with adverse noise and vibration impacts. There is a discussion of noise and vibration during the construction stage and also discussion of how the technical information should be presented in the Federal Transit Administrationís (FTA) environmental documents. This guidance will be of interest not only to technical specialists who conduct the analyses but also to transit agency staff, federal agency reviewers, and members of the general public who may be affected by the projects.

This updated guidance manual supersedes the original document and should be used for addressing noise and vibration impacts for all construction projects seeking funding from FTA. For the great majority of projects, the results obtained form application of the methods described in this manual will not depart significantly from results obtained from the old manual. The updated noise and vibration guidance manual is now posted on the FTA Web site at

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Richard Krochalis
Regional Administrator

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