Security Reference

Printer Friendly Number 2006-13


SUBJECT: Security Reference

PROGRAM AREA: Program Management-Safety and Security

DATE:  June 9, 2006

The purpose of this bulletin is to transmit the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Interim “Interagency Standard Operating Procedure” for Joint Field Office (JFO) activation and operations.  The procedure was developed in accordance with the National Response Plan (NRP) and approved by the Homeland Security Council.  A basic premise of the NRP is that incidents are generally handled at the lowest jurisdictional level possible.  In the vast majority of incidents, State and local resources and interstate mutual aid normally provide the first line emergency response and incident management support.  When an incident is of such severity, magnitude, and/or complexity that it requires coordinated Federal assistance, the Secretary of Homeland Security, in coordination with other Federal departments and agencies, initiates actions to respond to and recover from the incident, including the establishment of the JFO.  Within the JFO, senior Federal representatives, collectively known as the JFO Coordination Group, form a multiagency coordination entity and direct their staff in the JFO to share information, aid in establishing priorities among incidents and associated resource allocation, and provide strategic coordination of various Federal incident management activities.


R. F. Krochalis


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