FTA TEAM-Web Grant Application Review and Processing Procedures

Printer Friendly Number 2002-03

PROGRAM AREA: Grants Development

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Region 10 Office is sending out this bulletin as a reminder of the policy on the submission of grant applications in FTA’s Transportation Electronic Award and Management (TEAM-Web) system that was implemented in September of 2000.

It is still necessary for grantee staff to contact Elizabeth Sier in the Region 10 office and obtain a grant application number BEFORE beginning to enter the application data in TEAM-Web.

The application is to be entered in TEAM-Web using that number. When the entry is complete in accordance with FTA Grant Circulars and Policies, the grantee should contact their appropriate FTA staff representative and Beth via phone or e-mail. The application will be reviewed by the FTA staff representative and comments will be returned via TEAM-Web.

After all comments have been responded to and the review process is complete, FTA will officially assign the application number in TEAM-Web and the grantee will be notified that they can PIN to submit the application.

Once the application is submitted to FTA, the 90-day processing timeline begins. Generally, all issues must be resolved to determine completeness including: transfer funds processed, Civil Rights documents up-to-date, no outstanding issues. The application will be sent to the Department of Labor for the Section 5333 Certification at this time.

If you have any comments or questions about this new procedure, please contact your staff representative.


Blas Uribe
Acting Regional Administrator