New Procedures for Grant Closeout in TEAM-Web

Printer Friendly Number 2002-06

PROGRAM AREA: Project Management

With the advent of the TEAM-Web electronic grant system, FTA has revised the grant closeout method when funds remain to be deobligated. The following instructions should be carefully followed in order to close grants that also require a deobligation of funds.

The TEAM-Web User's Guide may also be found at:

Access TEAM-Web by using the following URL:

When the next screen appears, click on the TEAM-Web option

Enter log on name and password and click to login.

The Main Menu should appear.

From the Main Menu, click on Project Management.

Input the project number in the Query Screen and click "Submit Query".

When the project number appears in the query results area, in the Project Management menu, click on Project/Funds Status to get the Unliquidated Balance amount In the Project/Funds Status screen, click on the Project Funding Tab Click on the project totals line and look at the unliquidated balance in the lower left hand corner of the screen. After noting the amount of funds remaining in the grant, click the green OK check mark.

From the Project Management menu, click on Financial Status Report and then click on the Financial Status tab. Verify that the unliquidated funds amount from the Project Funds/Status screen matches the amount of unliquidated funds on Line D or I of the FSR screen. If not, revise your FSR or perform other steps to reconcile the FSR screen with the Project Funds/Status screen. Back on the Summary tab, indicate that this is a final FSR, select the submit option, and click the green OK check mark to submit this report and close this dialog.

From the Project Management menu, click on Milestone/Progress. Complete the final Milestones and Narrative Progress report. On the Milestone Status Tab, enter the final completion dates for all milestones under all activities. On the Summary Tab in the project status overview box, enter the final narrative text and indicate the amount of funds in the grant to be deobligated. As part of the narrative text, please state that FTA is authorized to complete all steps needed in the TEAM-Web process to submit and complete the deobligation and closeout of the grant. Be sure to select that this is a final report, and click the submit report option. When complete, click on the green OK check mark to submit report and close this dialog.

When the final FSR and Project Funds/Status amounts are equal in TEAM, closeout can proceed.

From the Project Management menu, click on Close Out.

TEAM will come up with a screen that advises there are unliquidated funds and asks if an amendment should be created. Click okay/yes.

At the top of the Main Menu, click on the + sign beside the word Applications.

NOTE: You will be creating an amendment for closeout purposes. TEAM will NOT require you to go through obligation and execution. You will, however, need to go through the actions of creating an amendment. Click on the + sign beside the words Modify Application.

Under Modify Application, click on Project Information

A.  On the General Tab
1.  Fill in the information on the screen beside the project number - description i.e.,
"Project closeout with deobligation".
2 For New/Amendment, please use the down arrow and indicate that this is an amendment. 
3.  For the Amend Reason, please use the down arrow and select decrease award.
4. Under Sec of Statute, please select the correct funding source.
5. Under Estimated Start/End dates, enter the project start and end date for the grant.
6. In the Project Description field enter description text for closeout (sample "Amendment No XX Information - This amendment is being created for the purpose of deobligation of $xxxxxx of remaining funds in the grant and to close this project. FTA is hereby requested to complete all actions needed to submit, deobligate unneeded funds and close this grant.").
7. Under Application Type, select the paper grant option to avoid having to submit the grant again. FTA will complete the process if proper authorization has been made as indicated above. (If the grantee wants to PIN to submit the closeout amendment application, it can be left as electronic. Once application entry is complete, FTA will assign the grant number and allow the grantee to PIN to submit instead of FTA continuing the process.)
B. Still in Project Information, Click on Control Totals Tab.
1. In the FTA amount field put in a negative amount (-5,000) to reflect the amount to be deobligated. Hit the Tab key.
2. Enter the negative amount of funds to reflect the amount of local share the grant is being reduced by. Hit the Tab key.
3. Mark this as a Final Budget in the lower right corner.
4.  Click the green "OK" check mark in the upper right corner.

Under Modify Application, click on Budget
A In the Budget Navigation Bar on the left side of the screen, click on the Activity Line Item (ALI) code for the ALI that will be reduced.
B. Enter the reduced amount of the ALI (the amount actually spent on that activity)
C. In the "Details" box for the ALI, please enter " Closeout Amendment to reduce this ALI by $xxxxx of funds no longer needed."
D. Follow the same procedure for any other ALIs to be reduced in the grant. When the funds are correct in all Activity Line Items, there should be $0 in the Difference fields at the top. E. Click the green "OK" check mark.
E. Click the green "OK" check mark.

Many older projects were entered in electronic systems that did not require entry of Environmental Findings, Milestones, or different activities had required Milestones. If this is an older project there may be a need to verify whether the Milestones, Estimated Completion Dates for the Milestone Descriptions and Environmental Findings have been entered. Even when a final Milestone report was previously submitted as above, this still may need to be completed for the closeout amendment application entry.

Under Modify Application, go into the Milestones and verify that all ALIs have Milestonesand that Estimated Completion dates have been entered for all Milestone Descriptions. When all is complete, click the "OK" check mark.

Under Modify Application, go in to Environmental Findings and verify that all ALIs have at least one environmental finding. When all is complete, click the "OK" check mark.

When all of the above steps are completed, the closeout amendment is now ready for FTA to review and complete the closeout process if the grantee has authorized FTA to complete the submission on the grantee's behalf. Please send an e-mail to the FTA grant representative and Elizabeth Sier to notify FTA that the closeout amendment is in the TEAM system.

If the grantee intends to PIN to submit the closeout amendment application to FTA, please notify Elizabeth Sier via e-mail or phone that a closeout amendment application is ready for assignment of the application number. FTA will electronically assign the amendment application number so the grantee will be able to proceed to PIN for submission. Beth's e-mail address is: []. Her phone number is: 206-220-7956.

Once the amendment application is submitted in TEAM, FTA will proceed with the remaining actions needed to complete deobligation and closeout of the grant.

If you need further assistance, please contact Beth at the number above.


Signed 6/24/02

R. F. Krochalis
Regional Administrator