Security Contact Information

Printer Friendly Number 2003-02

Recently, the Region 10 office requested 24-hour emergency contact information from the largest transit agencies in the region. Our thanks go out to all of you for your response. We will soon be making a similar request to transit agencies with which we have yet to make that request. Our intended use of this contact information is for the purpose of gathering information about critical incidents for U.S. Department of Transportation dissemination.

In addition to requesting your contact information, we are also providing similar contact information to you of our staff. This contact information is intended for your use only in the event that your systems, facilities or personnel are involved in incidents that have an impact on public security and safety. The following contacts are provided in the order in which they should be contacted. If you have successfully contacted an individual shown there will be no further need to contact other persons shown on this list, which follows:

Michael J. Williams, Work Phone 206-220-7965, Home Phone 206-762-7232, Pager 888-536-7086, email

Rick Krochalis, Work Phone 206-220-7957, Home Phone 206-527-5449, Cell Phone 206-295-1291, Pager 877-638-0302, email

Linda Gehrke, Work Phone 206-220-4463, Home Phone 206-329-2851, Cell Phone 206-200-4128, Pager - 877-638-0903, email

John Witmer, Work Phone 206-220-7964, email

The work FAX number for all of the above is 206-220-7959

This procedure does not replace or eliminate the need to provide similar information to our Washington D.C. Crisis Management Center by calling 202-366-1863 or emailing at or



R. F. Krochalis

Regional Administrator