NTI Course #2004-04

Printer Friendly Number 2004-04


SUBJECT:  NTI Course  

DATE:  March 2, 2004

Dear Colleague,

NTI's Workplace Safety and Security Program and the FTA Office of Safety and Security are pleased to announce the availability of a new course entitled Infectious Disease Awareness and Prevention.  As part of the rollout effort, a series of FREE train-the-trainer sessions will be held across the country.  Participants will leave the session with everything they need to implement the training at their agencies including an Instructor Guide, Course Slides and Instructor Notes, and a Participant Manual. 

Infectious Disease Awareness and Prevention is designed to provide transit employees with the knowledge and skills to:

 *       Identify the types of diseases to which they may be exposed

 *       Discuss how these illnesses are often spread

 *       Describe how they can protect themselves and others from these diseases

 *       Explain the proper methods for disposal and decontamination of infectious material or contaminated items and areas

To accomplish these objectives, the course integrates lecture, visual aids, participant interaction, and learning activities. A detailed course description and outline are being sent as a separate attachment.  To register for a FREE session, simply return the attached registration form. You can also register on-line after March 1 at NTI's website at:


Click on the courses under Workplace Safety and Security.

Listed below are the nationwide session locations and dates. The three courses in Region 10 are in bold.

3/9/2004        Bronx, NY

3/17/2004       Spokane, WA

3/22/2004       Arlington Heights, IL

3/23/2004       Boston, MA

3/26/2004       Vancouver, WA

3/29/2004       Baltimore, MD

3/30/2004       Baltimore, MD

3/31/2004       No. Little Rock, AR

4/1/2004        Bellingham, WA

4/7/2004        Philadelphia, PA

4/8/2004        Denver, CO

4/15/2004       Maplewood, NJ

4/20/2004       St. Louis, MO

4/22/2004       Appleton, WI

4/26/2004       Louisville, KY

4/27/2004       Columbus, OH

4/28/2004       Indianapolis, IN


/S/ by Linda Gehrke

Richard Krochalis
Regional Administator