2004 TEAM System Close Down Dates #2004-05

Printer Friendly Number 2004-05


SUBJECT: 2004 TEAM System Close Down Dates

PROGRAM AREA: Grants Processing

DATE:  March 4, 2004

The TEAM electronic grant making system functions for fund obligation and de-obligation will be shut down for one day on the following dates:

March 31
June 30
July 31
Aug 30

The TEAM System will be closed for the Fiscal Year end on September 17, 2004. All TEAM transactions involving financial data will be unavailable for an undetermined time frame beginning on that date. TEAM functions that do not involve increasing or decreasing funds in a grant will be available during the time frame. This information will be made available on the Main Menu screen of the TEAM system as soon as it is finalized, located at http://ftateamweb.fta.dot.gov/.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Pat Hendrix at 206-220-4465.


R. F. Krochalis
Regional Administrator