2004 Appropriations and Available Funds Interim Grant Processing Instructions #2004-06

Printer Friendly Number 2004-06


SUBJECT: 2004 Appropriations and Available Funds Interim Grant Processing Instructions  

PROGRAM AREA: Grants Processing

DATE:  March 8, 2004

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) authorizing legislation (TEA-21) was due to expire on September 30, 2003 and was initially extended for five months – until February 29, 2004.  As a result, the Federal Register of February 11, 2004 reflected five months of available funding under the “Available Apportionment” column.  Subsequently, Congress extended TEA-21 another two months, until April 30, 2004.  Since there continues to be uncertainty about when FY 04 funds can be released, we have prepared some interim guidance for our grantees so we can work together to provide funds as soon as possible.

FTA cannot award 2004 funded grants until the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) gives FTA obligation authority to award grants.  As of today we have not received this authority but we expect it in the near future.   FTA will allow grantees with an emergency or hardship situation to receive a portion of your FY04 funding in an amount determined by FTA.

The follow procedures explain how we would like you to use our electronic grant making system, TEAM, to apply for and secure grant approval:

The Federal Register presents two columns titled “Apportionment’ and “Available Apportionment.”    Please include in the TEAM grant budget Active Scopes and Activity Line Items (ALIs) the total of the “Available Apportionment.”  Include under the budget category OTHER (Scopes and Activities not included in Project Budget Totals)  an appropriate non-add, contingency, scope code (refer to the TEAM home page at http://ftateamweb.fta.dot.gov; see the Scope and Activity Line Item Code Chart last page, numbers start with 999), reflecting the difference between the Apportionment and Available Apportionment in the appropriate Scopes and ALIs.  This will allow FTA to forward your application to the Department of Labor (DOL) for certification of the whole project.  By presenting the budget in this manner, the balance of the apportionment can be processed with a grant amendment and will not have to go back through DOL for a recertification. 
Many of you have submitted applications in this manner before.  Our staff members are available to assist you in the preparation of 2004 funding applications in accordance with this guidance.  We appreciate your patience as we try to reconcile the differences between legal framework of Congressional appropriations and authorization language. 
Remember, FY 2003 and prior year funds carried over into FY 2004 - both formula and discretionary - are fully available. 
If you have questions please contact your appropriate grant representative at 206-220-7954.



R. F. Krochalis
Regional Administrator