Safety and Security 24-Hour Contact Information

Printer Friendly Number 2004-07


SUBJECT: Safety and Security 24-Hour Contact Information

PROGRAM AREA: Program Management-Safety and Security

DATE:  August 13, 2004

The purpose of this bulletin is to request an update of 24-hour emergency contact information for all of our grantees.  The contact information will be used to distribute information about critical incidents regarding security for U.S. Department of Transportation dissemination.

We are requesting contact information for agency General Managers, Security Managers, and Directors of Operations.  The contact information should put us in real-time contact with your agency on a 24-hour basis should the need arise.

We will make judicious use of this information only as the need arises and with restricted access to the contact information.  Please reply to Melissa Delaney  If you have questions please contact Michael J. Williams at (206) 220-7965 or at the email address indicated.

Please complete the following data fields below:


 General Manager  Security Manager  Director of Operations
 Name:  Name:  Name:
 Phone:  Phone:  Phone:
 Fax:  Fax:  Fax:
 Cell:  Cell:  Cell:
 Pager:  Pager:  Pager:
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/s/ Linda Gehrke for Rick Krochalis

R. F. Krochalis

Regional Administrator