Year-End TEAM and ECHO Systems Close Down and ECHO Conversion

Printer Friendly Number 2004-10


SUBJECT:   Year-End TEAM and ECHO Systems Close Down and ECHO Conversion

PROGRAM AREA: Grants and Program Management

DATE: September 9, 2004

The Federal Transit Administration is announcing that the last date for making grant obligations in the TEAM system for Federal Fiscal Year 2004 will be September 20, 2004. All TEAM transactions involving financial data will be unavailable for an undetermined time frame beginning on that date. TEAM functions that do not involve increasing or decreasing funds in a grant will be available during the time frame. This information will be made available on the Main Menu screen of the TEAM system as soon as it is finalized.

The anticipated last date for entry of FY 2004 ECHO payment requests will be September 28, 2004. ECHO will open up for 2005 payment requests on October 4, 2004.

When ECHO becomes available on October 4th, it will no longer be under the current dial-up system. Beginning with FY 2005, ECHO will become available via the Internet. Recently the Washington DC Accounting Office sent out instructions for converting from the existing dial-up system to ECHO-Web. If you have not received your conversion information and instruction packet, please contact Edith Shelton in our Washington DC Accounting office at 202-366-0297. Her e-mail address is It is imperative that all FTA grant recipients be converted from the old system to the new web-based system. If you are a new FTA recipient, and have not yet been set up with an ECHO account, information will be sent from the Region 10 office to begin this process in the near future.

As with FY-2003, these early closing dates are necessary for the reconciliation and year end closeout of the FTA’s accounting system with the Department of Transportation overall accounting system. 

If you have any questions, please contact Beth Sier at 206-220-7956.

R.F. Krochalis
Regional Administrator