New Region 10 Contacts for Grant Processing

Printer Friendly Number 2012-55

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The purpose of this bulletin is to provide an updated list of grantee representatives (grant reps) at the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), Region 10 Office.

We are enclosing a matrix listing our current active grantees, sorted by state, showing your assigned grant rep. At the bottom of the matrix is the grant repís name, email address and phone number. We have also attached an updated Regional organizational chart for your information.

Please note, however, that in order to manage fluctuating workloads, the FTA Region 10 Office will not always be able to assign a specific grant to your grant rep. You may have a different FTA Region 10 staff member processing a grant for you other than the FTA contact listed in the enclosure. Our intent, when doing so, will be to assign your grant to someone whose schedule at the time would facilitate the most expeditious processing of your grant. After that assignment, the grant processor will be your contact for all issues pertaining to that grant.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Region 10ís David Powell at 206-220-7956 or email



R.F. Krochalis
Regional Administrator

Encl:†Contacts for Grant Processing
†††††††† Region 10 Organizational Chart