Construction Project Management Handbook Webinar

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The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) will be hosting a webinar on September 18, 2012, from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon Pacific Time, to discuss the March 2012 update of the FTA Construction Project Management Handbook.

The Construction Project Management Handbook is intended for use by FTA grantees planning construction projects smaller in scope than major fixed guideway system construction. Typical construction projects for which the Handbook was intended include Bus Rapid Transit, Transit Maintenance and Operations Facilities, Intermodal Terminals, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Fueling Stations, Vehicle Washing Facilities and Garages.

This webinar will discuss the content and intended use of the Handbook, followed by a questions-and-answers session. The intended audience for this webinar is public transit agencies with limited personnel resources or experience in managing construction projects that are undertaking the planning, design, and construction of a capital project.

To join the webinar, please log in as a guest using the following link:

For audio access to this webinar, please use the following teleconference information:
Dial-In number: 877-336-1829
Participant account: 9174532

Before the webinar, please download the latest March 2012 version of the Construction Project Management Handbook for reference at

For further information, contact Region 10ís Amy Changchien at 206-220-4464 or email



R.F. Krochalis
Regional Administrator