Environmental Justice Final Circular

Printer Friendly Number 2012-43

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The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has placed in the docket and on its web site final guidance in the form of a Circular (hereinafter ‘‘EJ Circular’’) on incorporating environmental justice principles into plans, projects, and activities that receive funding from FTA.

This final guidance provides recommendations to State Departments of Transportation, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, public transportation providers, and other recipients of FTA funds on how to fully engage environmental justice populations in the public transportation decision-making process; how to determine whether environmental justice populations would be subjected to disproportionately high and adverse human health or environmental effects as a result of a transportation plan, project, or activity; and how to avoid, minimize, or mitigate these effects.

The effective date of the Circular is August 15, 2012.

The full register notice may be found at http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2012-07-17/pdf/2012-17404.pdf.

This notice provides a summary of the final changes to the EJ Circular and responds to comments. The final Circular itself is not included in this notice; instead, an electronic version may be found on FTA’s web site, at http://www.fta.dot.gov/legislation_law/12349_14740.html, and in the docket, at www.regulations.gov. Paper copies of the final Circular may be obtained by contacting FTA’s Administrative Services Help Desk, at 202-366-4865.

For program questions, Amber Ontiveros, Office of Civil Rights, Federal Transit Administration, 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE., Room E54-422, Washington, DC 20590, phone: 202-366-4018, fax: 202-366-3809, or email Amber.Ontiveros@dot.gov; or for legal questions, Cecelia Comito, Office of Chief Counsel, 200 West Adams Street, Suite 320, Chicago, IL 60606, phone: 312-353-2789, or email Cecelia.Comito@dot.gov.

For further information, contact Region 10’s Chris MacNeith at 206-220-4462 or email christopher.macneith@dot.gov.



R.F. Krochalis
Regional Administrator