TEAM Release 5.5

Printer Friendly Number 2012-30

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As part of our efforts to make the Transportation Electronic Award Management (TEAM) System more user-friendly, we’ll be placing into production on May 11, 2012 an enhancement that will allow TEAM users to re-set their passwords by responding to security questions.

This will affect all users, both those at the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), contractors and grantees. All users will need to set up answers to three security questions, and will be prompted to do so the first time you log into TEAM after May 11th. Please provide responses to the security questions when prompted and do not share your responses with anyone else.

If, in the future, you forget your password, you can re-set it after answering your security questions correctly. You will no longer need to call the TEAM help desk to arrange for a password reset. We hope this enhancement will be especially helpful to grantee users who need to log into TEAM only occasionally throughout the year.

Although FTA users have recently not had to enter their username and password due to our ADDOT log-in enhancement, the password reset may help individuals that are required to update their password every 60 days (this requirement remains in place).

For further information, contact Region 10’s David Powell at 206-220-7956 or email


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R.F. Krochalis
Regional Administrator