TSI Transit System Security Course

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The Transportation Safety Institute (TSI) will be presenting a course ($75) entitled “Transit System Security” in several locations:

Mar 5-9

Alexandria, VA

Mar 12-16

Seattle, WA

Apr 23-27

Salt Lake City, UT

May 7-11

Murfreesboro, TN

Jul 16-20

Boston, MA

Aug 6-10

Honolulu, HI

This course provides participants with the necessary information to develop and implement a System Security Plan. Included are basic security terms, the eight steps in threat and vulnerability identification, and the resolution process. This course addresses security in all stages of the system life cycle, agency policies and procedures, managing special security issues, and various types of transit security staffing. This course is included in the Deparment of Homeland Security's Federal Sponsored Course Catalog for grant considerations.

Who Should Attend
Individuals responsible for developing and implementing SSPPs and enforcement of security procedures; transit insurance providers; transit security and law enforcement personnel; and State Safety Oversight Agencies.

The Benefits
• Identify your responsibilities in transit security
• Identify security systems and components
• Organize and manage security issues
• Develop a System Security Program Plan
• Manage special security issues and security staffing

What You Will Learn
• Identify crime reduction measures
• Identify security responsibility, policies and procedures, proactive security activities, threat and vulnerability analysis, and pre-incident indicators
• Use proactive procurement
• Recognize and assess risk factors in the transit environment to include: chemical, biological, and nuclear threats, terrorist acts, vandalism, gang activity, fare evasion, and workplace violence
• Use resources to reduce crime and improve passenger and employee security
• Build security into the design and construction of transit facilities
• Mobilize resources to assure a rapid, controlled and predictable response and resolution
• Establish a security force

If you are interested in attending, please follow this link http://www.tsi.dot.gov/lms/ClassListing.aspx?CourseID=13&AOE=1 and register on line. There is limited space, so register early to guarantee your space.

For further information, contact Region 10’s Susan Fletcher at 206-220-7514 or email susan.fletcher@dot.gov.


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