Annual Grant Reporting Requirements

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Annual reports are required to be submitted through the Team Electronic Award Management (TEAM) system by October 30th of each year (30 days after the federal fiscal year ends). Grantees are required to submit a Milestone Progress Report (MPR) and a Federal Financial Report (FFR) as part of these requirements. Attached are illustrated instructions on how to complete the FFR in TEAM. Due to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) reporting requirements to Congress and the Office of Management and Budget, FTA can not grant time extensions for filing annual reports.

Most users have noticed a change in the security protocols in TEAM earlier this year when accessing TEAM. Users who do not access TEAM regularly may be impacted by these new security protocols, which require the users’ passwords to be reset. If a user does not log into TEAM at least once within a 90-day period, the user’s access will be restricted and they will not be able to log in.

When that happens, the user will need to send an email, including the four-digit Recipient ID code, to Elizabeth Sier, AND also copy Deborah Ensor, at the FTA Region 10 office. This will ensure that their account can be re-activated. The email address included in your response email must match the email address that is in the FTA’s TEAM-Web database, before the password can be reset.

If the email addresses don’t match, the user must resubmit a new TEAM user access request form,, indicating that the user’s account is being modified for email address change only. Please do not use personal email addresses – BUSINESS EMAIL ADDRESSES ONLY!

A good practice is log into the TEAM system every 30 days. This will help to keep your account active from being locked out due to inactivity.

For further information, please contact Ken Feldman at 206-220-7521 or email


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R.F. Krochalis
Regional Administrator

Encl: Grant Reporting with Illustrated Instructions