NTI Introduction to Transportation Conformity

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The National Transit Institute (NTI) is presenting a FREE course ($650 contractors, consulting, non-USA transportation or government agency, others) entitled "Introduction to Transportation Conformity" in Phoenix, AZ on November 7-9, 2011 and in New York, NY on January 10-12, 2012.

Also, we would like to remind you of the course "Transit Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment" ($850.00 for consultants and contractors), in Portland, Oregon on December 6-8, 2011. If you are interested in attending, please follow this link at http://ntionline.com/courses/courseinfo.php?id=73 and register online. Seating in each class is limited to 35. NTI reserves the right to limit participation from any one agency. For further information on this course, please contact FTA Region 10s Dan Drais at 206-220-4465, or email daniel.drais@dot.gov.

The Transportation Conformity course will present basic information about conformity requirements and the relationship of the transportation and air quality planning processes in order to prepare agency staff (federal, state and local) to participate in interagency consultation and work effectively in resolving conformity issues.
New staff members as well as more senior staff who may not be familiar with the broad ramifications of the conformity process working in the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Federal Transit Administration (FTA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), state departments of transportation (DOTs), metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs), state/county/local planning agencies, state and local air quality agencies, transit agencies and consultant firms.

To develop a clear understanding of the dynamic relationship between transportation planning and air quality planning in the context of transportation conformity
To provide an overview of the transportation planning and project development processes and to show how these processes are linked to the State Implementation Plan (SIP) through the conformity requirements
To provide an understanding of the roles and responsibilities in inter-agency coordination and techniques to provide opportunities for public participation in the conformity process

If you are interested in attending, please follow this link: http://ntionline.com/courses/courseinfo.php?id=84 and register online. Seating is limited for this course, so register early.

For further information, please contact Region 10s Carrie Deichl at 206-220-4307, or email carrie.deichl@dot.gov.


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