Supervisory Transportation Program Specialist, GS-2101-14

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Dedicated to delivering results that matter to the American people, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) supports, improves, and promotes effective public transportation, the Nation's fastest growing mode of travel. Through the administration, management, and oversight of an $8 billion annual grant program, FTA supports the development and construction of subway, light rail, streetcars, monorails, commuter rail, and bus systems to help communities provide travel choices; improve access to jobs and health care; drive economic growth; and protect the environment.

Region 10 has an opening for a permanent full-time position as a Supervisory Transportation Program Specialist, GS-2101-14, the director of the Office of Planning and Program Development. The director manages all planning, environmental, and grant development processes.

The opening period for this announcement is September 9 to September 22, 2011.

Follow the guidelines in applying for this position at the web site:
Vacancy Announcement FTA.R10-2011-0010 Merit Promotion (Government-wide Status Candidates). Vacancy Announcement FTA.R10-2011-0011 (All U.S .Citizens). Applicants must apply online.

Permanent employees already in the competitive service or those with reinstatement eligibility who are interested in consideration should apply to the Merit Promotion announcement to preclude the possibility of serving a new probationary period. Applicants may view the Merit Promotion announcement at the following link:

All employees may apply to the Competitive announcement (open to All U.S. Citizens). If selected under competitive procedures, internal permanent applicants may be required to serve a new probationary period. Applicants may view the Competitive announcement at the following link:

NOTE: FTA employees serving on temporary or term appointments, as well as Attorneys, may not apply for positions under Merit Promotion under most circumstances and would need to apply to the competitive announcement.

For further information, please contact Region 10ís Linda Gehrke at 206-220-4463, or email


/s/ Linda Gehrke for

R.F. Krochalis
Regional Administrator