Position Transition of Regional Civil Rights Officer

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Subject: Position Transition of Regional Civil Rights Officer

Program Area:† Civil Rights, Job Announcements

Date:† June 22, 2011

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Beginning on June 6, 2011, Monica McCallum has changed positions within FTA. She is now the Regional Operations Division Chief for the Office of Civil Rights. This position entails communication with Regional Civil Rights Officers (RCRO) in all regions. She will remain in the Region 10 office in Seattle, though she is no longer the RCRO for the region.

Currently, the RCRO position is vacant. However, there will be someone answering the RCRO phone, at 206-220-4462, who is able to address questions and concerns regarding civil rights. We are continuing to process and review programs during this transition period. Monica will continue to be involved in the review process of some programs, though her direct involvement will decrease as her replacement is found and transitioned into the RCRO position. Additionally, RCROs from other regions will assist in the program reviews in order to complete them in a timely manner. Continuing to upload civil rights programs and reports onto the Transportation Electronic Award and Management (TEAM-Web) system (see Region 10 Bulletin NO: 11-31) will ensure that your programs are accessible to the civil rights review team.

We apologize for an inconvenience you may experience. Your patience is appreciated.

For further information, contact Region 10ís Linda Gehrke at (206) 220-4463 or email linda.gehrke@dot.gov.


/s/ Linda M. Gehrke for

R.F. Krochalis
Regional Administrator