Transit Climate Change Adaptation Seminar Save Date

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Sponsored by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), in collaboration with the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, “Transit Climate Change Adaptation”, is a FREE half day seminar on August 3, 2011 in the Omni Hotel in Los Angeles, CA.

This bulletin is to save the date for this seminar. This one should draw a national audience since it directly follows the APTA Sustainability Workshop. We’ll have registration information closer to the date. This notice is to help get it on people’s calendars.

The half day seminar will feature a mix of interactive exercises, discussions, and presentations. Come learn directly from experts in the field how to adapt transit assets and services to current and projected impacts of climate change. Climate impacts include flooding of bus facilities and subway tunnels from more intense rain storms; buckled tracks, material stress, and customer and worker health impacts from heat waves; and damage to coastal infrastructure from sea level rise and storm surge.

Public transit agencies who have conducted their own climate change vulnerability and risk assessments and participated in state and local adaptation efforts will share what they have learned. Climate scientists will explain the most up to date science and how it applies to planning at the regional level.

Attendees will then participate in an interactive mock climate adaptation assessment. Participants will join in discussion with transit professionals from across the spectrum of fields affected by climate change: asset management, planning, engineering, safety, operations, maintenance, policy, and sustainability.

By assessing both existing and planned transit infrastructure, we can ensure that vital assets are protected, and that future investments are guided by the best available information about future climate and sea level rise conditions.

This morning seminar is designed for public transportation agency personnel, FTA staff, and metropolitan planning organizations. Pre-registration will be available soon and is recommended as space is limited. Contact Tina Hodges at 202-366-4287 or

For further information, contact Region 10’s Dan Drais at (206) 220-4465 or email



R.F. Krochalis
Regional Administrator