Transit Service and Fare Equity Analysis Webinar

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You are invited to participate in the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) “Transit Service and Fare Equity Analysis” webinar on Wednesday, August 18, 2010 from 12:00 – 1:30 pm Pacific Time.

Transit Agencies serving urbanized areas over 200,000 who propose major service changes or fare changes are required to submit a Service and Fare Equity Analysis to FTA. This webinar also should be of interest to those who believe their area will be over 200,000 once the 2010 census is complete. The Service and Fare Equity analysis is required by FTA Circular 4702.1A.

This webinar is intended to assist FTA recipients in:
•  Assessing the effects of the proposed fare or service changes.
•  Assessing the alternatives available for people affected by change.
•  Determining if proposals would have a disproportionately high and adverse effect on minority and low income riders.
•  Describing the actions proposes to minimize, mitigate, or offset any adverse effects

Instructions for accessing the webinar

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    • Dial:  888-282-9575
    • Access Code:  757-4587#

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