Transportation Asset Management Training

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The Alaska Local Technical Assistance Program (AKLTAP) is will be sponsoring a FREE, one-day training titled “Transportation Asset Management” in Anchorage, AK on August 4, 2010. They have extended an opportunity to provide another training day for Tribal and Local governments in Fairbanks, AK on August 3, 2010.

NOTE: In order to confirm this class we need to know if there is interest (at least 10 - 20 people; course is slotted for 30) to attend this course.

Traditionally, transportation agencies have managed each of their assets independently, often by delaying improvements until substantial treatments were needed. Budgets were susceptible to political influences and there was often a lack of clear performance objectives to influence agency decisions.

Today, asset management principles are becoming increasingly important to help agencies manage their assets as they face fewer available resources, higher expectations for customer service, and increased demand for more transparency in the decision process. In an asset management environment, investment decisions are linked to targeted performance levels that have been established based on current and expected asset conditions. Trade-offs between investments in different types of assets and different investment priorities can be assessed because of the availability of reliable data and a clear set of performance metrics that the agency hopes to achieve. As a result, agencies are better able to use their funding effectively and to defend their need for additional resources.

The Transportation Asset Management course introduces a strategic approach to managing physical transportation infrastructure. This course covers the principles of asset management and introduces the five core questions every agency should be able to answer about its assets. The course also illustrates available tools to support the use of asset management in transportation agencies and provides guidelines for the implementation of these principles.

The course materials were updated in December of 2009 to place more of an emphasis on the use of asset management principles and the implementation of these concepts.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

• Champion the use of asset management principles and concepts within your agency.
• Define your role in supporting your agency's asset management efforts.
• Using the 5 core questions, describe the state of your agency's asset management program.
• Using existing resources; enhance your agency's use of asset management.

Senior-level and mid-level managers from State departments of transportation and other transportation agencies, who typically have the responsibility for decision-making in one or more areas addressed by transportation asset management. Participants should represent a number of organizational units, including (but not limited to) planning, engineering (e.g., facility management, design, construction), capital programming, maintenance and operations, financial management, traffic and safety engineering, system operation and management, and information technology. The course is also intended for individuals who manage or provide critical information to senior managers, or who have direct responsibility for meeting specific transportation system performance or program delivery targets.

Contact Bryon Bluehorse, the Tribal Technical Assistance Program Manager, at 888-846-2422, or 907-474-5731, at your earliest convenience if you are interested in attending this course. Check out the TTAP web site at for further information.

For further information, contact Region 10’s Steve Saxton at (206) 220-4311 or email



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