NTD Webinars on Requirements for Rural Reporting

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The National Transit Institute (NTI), in cooperation with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), is offering a FREE webinar to public transit agency employees and government employees involved with public transportation to discuss the National Transit Database (NTD) Requirements for Rural Reporting. This series is comprised of two webinars:

The Rural Reporting – State DOTs and Tribes webinar is intended for staff at State DOTs, as well as representatives of Tribes who are direct recipients under FTA’s Tribal Transit Program, responsible for Rural Reporting. Topics will include: overview of the NTD Rural Reporting process, statewide reporting information, coordination with sub-recipients, tools to navigate the validation process, and 2010 NTD Rural Reporting updates.

The Rural Reporting – Transit Agency Personnel webinar is intended for sub-recipients of transit agencies under the FTA 5311 program. Topics will include: overview of the NTD Rural Reporting process, basic identification information, financial and non-financial reporting, and how to submit NTD Rural Reports to State DOTs.

Rural Reporting – State DOTs and Tribes Webinar Dates:

April 14, 2010                    2:00pm – 4:00pm (EST)
July 27, 2010                     2:00pm – 4:00pm (EST)

Rural Reporting – Transit Agency Personnel Webinar Dates:

June 3, 2010                     2:00pm – 4:00pm (EST)
August 11, 2010                2:00pm – 4:00pm (EST)
September 21, 2010         2:00pm – 4:00pm (EST)

Each webinar is approximately 2 hours. Participants will log into the webinar to access the graphic content and dial into an audio-teleconference. An FTA representative will facilitate a question and answer segment at the end of the presentation.

For the State DOTs and Tribes webinar, register at: http://www.ntionline.com/CourseInfo.asp?CourseNumber=TRI18-18.

For the Transit Agency Personnel webinar, register at: http://www.ntionline.com/CourseInfo.asp?CourseNumber=TRI18-19.

Contact NTI Program Coordinator Barbara Van Dyke at 732-932-1700, ext. 211 or bvandyke@nti.rutgers.edu. For further information, contact Region 10’s John Witmer at (206) 220-7964 or email john.witmer@dot.gov.


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