Grant Closeout Process

Printer Friendly Number 2010-09

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The purpose of this bulletin is to make grantees aware of documentation requirements during the Region 10 grant closeout process through the TEAM-Web application. In addition to what is detailed in the TEAM-Web Users’ Manual, grantees should follow the steps listed below.

1)  In TEAM, go to:  Project Management - Milestones/Progress - Milestones Status Report – Summary (first tab) - Project Status Overview box and include the following narratives.

• A statement that all funds, federal and local, have been expended;
• A statement that (Grantee) requests FTA action to close this grant;
• A description of activities accomplished under the grant.

2)   In TEAM, using the paperclip function, upload the following documentation where applicable.

• An inventory list of acquisitions purchased under the grant with a unit cost over $5,000;
• Any study or report commissioned with grant funds. (If the document is too large to upload into TEAM, uploading the title page and mailing a CD with the full report to the Region 10 office is acceptable.)

For additional questions or concerns, please contact community planner Annette Le at (206) 220-4461 or e-mail



R. F. Krochalis
Regional Administrator