Transportation Planning Excellence Awards Progam 2010 Nominations

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The Transportation Planning Excellence Awards Program is a biennial awards program developed by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to recognize outstanding initiatives across the country to develop, plan, and implement innovative transportation planning practices. The program is co-sponsored by the American Planning Association (APA).

Anyone may submit a nomination. However, eligible nominations must be for a project, process, group, or individual involved in a project or process that has used FHWA and/or FTA funding sources to make an outstanding contribution to the field of transportation planning.

An independent panel of judges representing diverse backgrounds and expertise reviews all applications against the awards criteria identified above. The panel recommends recognition for nominations that excel in a variety of criteria. Awards are not necessarily made in each category. A project or organization may be nominated separately for more than one planning category; however, each nomination should specifically address the project’s appropriateness for that category. In addition to satisfying the criteria, successful nominations must be superior in the specific categories in which they were nominated.

The Transportation Planning Excellence Awards categories are:
• Transportation Asset Management
• Education and Training
• Freight Planning
• Emergency Management Planning
• Linking Planning and Operations
• Modeling and Technology Applications
• Planning Leadership
• Public Involvement and Outreach
• Safety Planning
• Transportation and Land Use Integration
• Transportation Planning and Environment
• Tribal Transportation Planning
• Livability/Sustainability

The criteria for judging nominations are:
• Innovation
• Livability/Sustainability
• Implementation/Implementation Strategy
• Community and Public Involvement
• Equity
• Partnerships and Collaboration
• Intermodalism

All Transportation Planning Excellence Award nominations must be submitted via the online application by March 15, 2010. Awards are presented in the summer of 2010.

For the online application, go to For additional information, check out FHWA’s web site

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