FTA Region 10 FY 2010 Triennial Review Workshop Overview

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Public transit systems and agencies that receive federal grants must comply with federal regulations in 23 areas in order to establish and maintain their grants.  The Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) Triennial Review Workshop provides an opportunity for transit systems and other public agencies to get up-to-date information on these critical requirements.

Congress mandates Triennial Reviews for agencies receiving Urbanized Area Formula Program funds, U.S.C. 49, Section 5307.  The Triennial Review Workshop provides guidance and reference material in each of the areas subject to review.  During the two-day program, you will also have the opportunity to share information, experiences, and best practices with transit professionals from other agencies.  The workshop is free of charge, but participants are responsible for room, board, and transportation.

Triennial Review Workshops are designed for grantees responsible for planning or managing transit service or compliance programs, as well as those responsible for developing grant applications and managing federally funded programs.  Managers at those agencies who are scheduled for a Triennial Review during Fiscal Year 2010 are especially encouraged to attend this Workshop.  The Workshop will ensure that your organization is aware of new review requirements and assist you in preparing for an upcoming review.

Due to space limitations, two registrants per grantee/agency will be accepted, up to a maximum of forty attendees for the Workshop.  Additional registrations will be accepted on a space-available basis.  Please contact Lissette Jiminez at (212) 490-9090 with any questions.

The Triennial Review Workshop will be conducted by transit professionals who are reviewers for the FTA’s Triennial Review Program.  The instructors will provide guidance in each of the 23 areas to be reviewed, answer questions about how to respond to specific review areas, and share industry best practices.  Staff from the FTA will attend the Workshop to answer questions about your upcoming Triennial Review, assist you in any area related to your FTA grant program, and refer you to printed guidelines or other resources should you require additional information.