NTI Transit-Oriented Development Course

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The National Transit Institute (NTI) is presenting a FREE course, “Transit-Oriented Development”, ($550 for consultants and contractors) scheduled for December 15-16, 2009 in Seattle, Washington.

Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) is defined as compact, mixed-use development near transit that creates sustainable communities where people of all ages and incomes have transportation and housing choices where people can walk, bike, and take transit. Joint Development is a form of transit-oriented development that is often project specific, taking place on, above, or adjacent to a property which the transit agency owns or will acquire (in whole or in part) with Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funds. The goal of this course is to help transportation and land use professionals effectively participate in the planning, funding, and implementation of transit-oriented and joint development projects that improve the environment, create a sense of community, and boost transit ridership.

The primary audience includes transit agency planners and development specialists, State DOT planners and engineering, metropolitan planning organization (MPO) staff, Federal employees (FTA, Federal Highway Administration, Federal Railroad Administration, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Labor, Department of Energy, and others), city and county engineers and planners and consultants.

This course is an intermediate course. Although not required, participants should have a working knowledge of basic transportation, land use planning, transit planning, and operational concepts. It is recommended to take the NTI’s Transportation and Land Use course http://ntionline.com/CourseInfo.asp?CourseNumber=ID802 before this course.

If you are interested in attending, please use the following link http://www.ntionline.com/CourseInfo.ASP?CourseNumber=TPE20 and register online. Seating is limited for this course, so register early.

For further information, please contact Region 10’s Rebecca Reyes-Alicea at 206-220-7965, or email rebecca.reyesalicea@dot.gov.


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