Transit Green Building Action Plan

Printer Friendly Number 2009-44

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The Federal Transit Administration has recently submitted the Transit Green Building Action Plan to Congress. This report provides an overview of certified green building transit projects, analysis of relevant green building rating systems for transit projects, and a plan for FTA to encourage and incentivize sustainable building and operating practices.

While transit inherently contributes to sustainability through environmental benefits and energy savings of shared vehicle use, additional benefits can be realized through facility construction, refurbishment, and on going maintenance practices. This report highlights transit agencies including; Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (LACTMA), Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), and Santa Clarita Transit in California. All have made honorable strides in energy and resource efficiency as well as reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG) in construction and refurbishment of facilities.

Additionally, this report details how federal funding supports transit agencies in promoting sustainable fleets and building strategies. In 2009, the Transit Investment for Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction program (TIGGER) was launched which is the first FTA program to specifically fund green building and fleet initiatives. For more detailed information about this program and other initiatives, please download the report from the FTA web site at

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